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The first cosmic renowned
life coach
Christina Hale


I am so grateful you found your way here.

This work is dedicated and designed to provide support, encouragement, empowerment and love to meet you where ever you are in your life. We can work one on one or in a group to assist in creating a safe space for you to express and embody your authentic self. Tools and exercises for tapping into your own intuition and aligning you with the highest love available while staying grounded in the strategy that works best for you. To support you as you embody and step into your highest divine self.

At Mystic Dragonfly we provide support to individuals all over the globe from many ethnic and spiritual views. Bringing in more light to the planet and individually to each of us is something we are passionate about.

Not everyone may require the same type of services/guidance and luckily… there are lots of available options out there.

Looking forward to hearing how may we serve you?

With love


What people have said

Mystic Dragonfly healer is my go to guru for healing now. She is very thorough and caring and walks you through every step of the process. I have begun my reiki courses under her as well and have never felt more at peace.
Feel Like New
Amy Neville
It is such a delight to connect with Christina again in this lifetime. Her insights and channellings are rock solid, clear and precise yet balanced with loving, nurturing and supportive energy – balanced in light and love, masculine and feminine.
I highly recommend her services to anyone.
Erich Pleny

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