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Reiki is Like a Pool of Water in the Woods

Reiki is like a pool of water in the woods. One could go out searching and find it on their own, but if you have a guide to show you the path, you can easily walk back and forth on your own. Healing is both natural and something anyone can learn to do on their own, like anything it is much easier if you can be taught or shown. Getting a reiki attunement is like connecting a cord up to your higher self that allows the rich, natural, intricate healing energy of the universe to flow down through. The emotional, physical and energetic bodies are all connected. While doctors and scientists previously thought of the human body as purely mechanistic, more and more we’re learning how tightly wound together and connected the emotional and physical bodies are. If you read a study now that showed stress as an equal cause of heart disease as a poor diet, would you be surprised? As more studies are done every day that show the connections between the emotional body and physical wellbeing, little is known in the western world about the existence of or connections to the energetic body. While considered out there or woowoo to some, somehow Reiki keeps growing in popularity, as more and more Doctors and hospitals are recommending it, and more people are getting well through it. If only the placebo effect, could serious illnesses truly regularly be cured or alleviated in such a way? Or is the placebo effect merely an example of the way energy, belief and intention effects the physical body as clearly as the food we put into it? The only way to know for sure is to experiment with it yourself. Being disconnected from healing energy is much like a plant growing in dim light, it can grow but it is unlikely to thrive. If you encoded human DNA in binary, like a computer file, the amount of data contained in a single strand of DNA would only be around 800 megabytes. As human DNA is about 99.9% the same as every other human, that means the amount of data that separates you from another living human, is only .8 megabytes. Rather than the complex endlessly sophisticated algorithm we imagine DNA to be, this is about the same amount of information contained in a small digital photograph. Is it not more likely that given the obvious complexity of life, it’s codes and mysteries logically must remain elsewhere? Perhaps life springs from, rather than an unimaginably tiny computer file in our cells, maybe the richness of life lies somewhere else, that life is a mystery endlessly flowing through us, much like healing energy itself. When you hear of reiki, people picture something very sophisticated taking place. How can one person possibly tap into the whole of somebody’s history, pinpoint precise issues, and bring down sheets of energy precisely resolving them without damaging anything around it? When you learn reiki, while it is difficult to explain, it becomes a part of you, it becomes something tangible that you feel that flows through you, and as you experiment, you learn just as quickly the amazing and tangible benefits that result from it. All of this is simply the result of something natural, something we’ve all been doing all along, pulling in a stream of life energy from above, and unconsciously weaving it into existence much like our lungs pull oxygen from the air. Once you become a reiki practitioner you realize how simple this process is, as all you do is simply focus and will the energy forward, and a natural channeling process occurs in which the energy naturally flows forward. Understanding what reiki does and what reiki can change is the same question as asking what is possible when one comes in contact with the divine source, the higher power, or the source of life itself. Reiki can make you healthier, more confident, reiki naturally opens up your intuitive gifts, it can be used to purify food or water, to energize crystals, reiki can help your pets or children, calm friends when they’re stressed, and ease the illness of those around you that are willing to let that energy in. Reiki is literally pure magic, and with pure intention one can use it as that, to heal or transform life around you. Reiki is a call to heal the world around you in the same way a plant or a tree naturally filters and cleans the air, it is something that weaves down inside you and aligns you with the version of you that is aligned with life, you become an aspect of the story of life flourishing. Reiki is a silent oath to become wellness, and as you take on that oath you embody that as well. You enter a story of the world unfolding into something new, as you facilitate the blossoming of new healing energy within the story of the earth.

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